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About Me




Hi, I'm Emily and this is my business and passion, the Leamington Dog Walking Co. I graduated with a 1st class Law degree in Birmingham in 2013 but found that the corporate world does not suit me so I returned to my original love of the outside life and dogs. I have been walking dogs professionally since 2016 and enjoyed every minute of it. I have always loved animals- both learning about and taking care of them. Growing up I had so many different pets I drove my mum up the wall, with numerous hamsters, snails, fish, cats, even stick-insects and I was forever saving animals if they were injured. In 2015 I finally got what I had always dreamed of, my own dog Wren, a lovely, fun, cheeky collie cross, and my life has never been the same since.  He is obedient and fits in well with family life.

I began The Leamington Dog Walking Co. in 2018 and now have the opportunity to share my love of animals with my clients and pet owners all over the Leamington area. I hope I get the chance to meet your lovely dogs soon. Please call me anytime for a free consultation about your dog, and how I feel I can benefit your lives. 


Love, Emily and Wren.

Hi, I'm Sophie, I joined Emily and The Leamington Dog Walking Co. in 2019. Emily and I are old school friends, we've known each other since we were 11. I studied animal welfare at college (including dog training) and have worked with a wide range of animals since. I accompany Emily on all the group walks at the moment in order to observe and learn her ethos regarding the welfare and hapiness of each dog. I am already really enjoying working with all of the lovely dogs and am looking forward to continuing my studies in dog training and behaviour.

Love Sophie



Hi, I'm Claire.

I'm a physio and tennis coach but during this time have also been volunteering with Guide Dogs and Dogs Trust and working with some very experienced trainers. We are lucky enough to board Guide Dogs in training through their basic and advanced training and I'm also a volunteer puppy socialiser with the charity. We also have two cats although they are less well trained! I'm very happy to be joining this team to help to provide an active and fun break for dogs around Leamington!

Love Claire

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Book a Walk



My aim is to provide a safe and happy experience for all dogs that join our pack. I will assess each dog individually at the initial meeting (with the owner present) in terms of the dogs needs. I will arrange the dogs into groups with similar temperaments and exercise abilities to ensure that each dog has the benefit of individual care whilst enjoying the fun and stimulation of a pack walk.  


Every walk includes pick up and drop off from home/work, treats, poo bags, leads, clean up if muddy and lots of love and cuddles (dogs only, sorry)!  :-) 

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