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Our services 

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group walks 

Lively and stimulating group walks. I will meet your dog at home with you and assess the dogs suitability to a group in terms of temperament and their needs. The walks are one hour long and take place in parks such as Newbold, Offchurch, Whelshes Meadow and Whitnash Fields. A safe, tired and happy dog returned. 

£15 per dog.

one to one walks

One to one walks are offered for dogs that perhaps don’t mix well with other dogs, have an injury, or have other special requirements. They are still jam packed with fun and games and take place in great parks such as Newbold. I can take your dog to more secluded areas so that they can have time off the lead without worrying about bumping into anyone else! Walks are 45mins and of course, I will come and meet you and your dog to asses what service I feel would benefit you the most.  One tired, happy dog returned!

£16 for 30 mins or £21 for 45mins. We also offer a check in service for £9 per visit.


puppy sitting/socialisation

Puppy sitting and socialisation is great for puppies aged 8 weeks to 6 months with a view to them graduating on to the group walks! The sessions will include short walks, socialisation sessions with dogs, children and the general public, basic training, games, fun and lots of love and cuddles! 
£21 per 45 min session 
All prices include pick up and drop off, treats, biodegradable poo bags, the use of toys, leads and lots of stimulating games, fun and exercise.
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